Radio Musicals

The “People’s Hall” at Sandwich Town Hall was filled with music, fun, community, and charm Saturday evening October 13th. as a fundraiser for “The Trust” Jim Ellis put together livened up Town Hall. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment in keeping with a show that has become a highlight at Town Hall since it was restored. The Sandwich Radio show is in keeping with past revels in Sandwich. Thank you to all involved in the wonderful show, which included songs from Jane Ellis, Kathy Ellis, Jeanne Prendegast, Courtney and Chris Bailey, comedy, music from the Town Neck Boys, performances from Drama Fun and Score music, music from Steve Gregory, and an entertaining Master of Ceremonies in Patrick Ellis. Special thanks to Frank McDonald, Café Chew, Sandwich Community Television and the staff of Town Hall.


Our Radio Musicals are a blast. Thanks to all the cast and crew and to all who support the shows.  Stay tuned for news of another fantastic show! Don’t miss a hot time in the old town!

Featured through the years are some of Sandwich’s’ favorite local performers including:

  • the Ellis Family singers with the Grand Dame of Sandwich music and Radio Diva Jane Ellis, James (Jimmy) Ellis and Kathy Ellis Knowles.
  • Local real life radio personality Dave Read as the Announcer
  • Selectman Patrick Ellis played the part of the Master of Ceremonies
  • Carol Mc Manus performed in “Carols’ Literary Nook Readings for a Mad World ”
  • Christine Norton reprised her role as Annie
  • Mickie Mc Manus tap danced his way into the hearts of the audience
  • Other locals strutted their talents with the help of Marge Dolby pianist


Where: Sandwich Town Hall | 145 Main Street | Sandwich


This lively musical variety show features local town personalities singing, dancing and doing comedic routines as a “rhubarb” radio show. The format of the program is that of a local old time radio show complete with commercials, master of ceremonies, a larger-than-life announcer and bossy stage hands, Bob King and Tobin Wirt, telling the audience when to applaud and when to laugh.

Featured are some of Sandwich’s favorite local performers including the Ellis Family singers with the grand dame of Sandwich music and radio diva Jane Ellis, James (Jimmy) Ellis and Kathy Ellis Knowles. Local real-life radio personality Dave Read plays the announcer and selectman Patrick Ellis the part of the master of ceremonies.

Performers have included Carol McManus in “Carol’s Literary Nook Readings for a Mad World,” Christine Norton reprising her role as Annie, and Mickie McManus with tap dancing. Other locals have showcased their talents with the help of pianist Marge Dolby.

The mission of the Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust is to support the continued stewardship of the town hall, to assist the town manager and staff as a resource for volunteers, events, and programs, to provide, if feasible, funds for special purposes, and to make recommendations for the perpetual protection and enhancement of the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional, and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich and the commonwealth. The building features community events, meetings, movies, shows, talks and tours.