Special Projects:

We thank all our members without whom the following Special Projects wound not have been possible:

Christmas Tree 2011 $106.24
Door Plaque 2012 $104.13
Light for piano 2012 $65.86
Round top tables 2012 $500.00
Signage for Cultural District 2012 $100.00
Event floor sign for entryway (indoor) 2012 $375.05
Outdoor display sign 2013 $276.42
Clock 2013 $53.85
Adams Art Grant Match 2013 $350.00
Restriction Brass Panel 2014 $143.44
Repair/tune piano 2014 $515.00
Hall Divider 2014 $429.00
Adams Art Grant Match 2014 $350.00
Piano Restoration 2015 $3,519.84
Repair/tune piano 2015 $410.00
Black Stage Partitions 2016 $978.00
Plaque for historic piano 2016 $161.63
Grand Piano 2016 $1,488.25
Tune Piano 2016 $175.00
TOTAL $10,101.71

Current Members:

Don & Suzanne Bayley
Barbara Buchenan
Joe Carlson
Richard & Donna Claytor
Kathy Coggeshall
Bill & Jerry Collins
Paula Comerford
Carolyn Crowell
John & Janet Czarnetzki
William & Patricia Daley
Marilyn & Doug Dexter
Jane Ellis
Patrick & Jane(Cournoyer) Ellis
Kathy Ellis Knowles
Melissa Frankel
Joseph & Melinda Gallant
Madlyn & Paul Giberti
Jean M. Gile
John & Therese Goodchild
Linell Grundman
Charlotte Hart
Charleen Johnson
Bob King
Jonathan Leonard
Frank MacDonald
Melanie MacMillan
Diane Martin
Kaethe McGuire
Woody & Patti Mitchell
Russell & Katherine Norton
Frank & Lorraine Pannorfi
Elizabeth & James Radloff
Sue Scheible
Jonathan & Eugenie Shaw
Carol Thwaits
Louise Toler
Virginia Veras
Susan & John Vibberts
Carolyn Weimar
Sheila & Bob Wentworth
Joanne Westerhouse
Paul & Karen White
Tobin Wirt

Membership in the Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust helps to support the stewardship of the historic 1834 Sandwich Town Hall and to perpetuate the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional, and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich.

Members will receive an annual report about the activities of  the Town Hall Preservation Trust and e-mails of up-coming public programs planned at the Town Hall.

  • Individual————————————————-$15.00
  • Family——————————————————$25.00
  • Patron—————————————————–$100.00
  • 1834 Club————————————————$250.00


Membership Information, Donations & Gifts

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Our Mission:

The Mission of the Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust is to support the continued stewardship of the historic Sandwich Town Hall, to assist the Town Manager and staff as a resource for volunteers, events, and programs, to provide, if feasible, funds for special purposes, and to make recommendations for the perpetual protection and enhancement of the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional, and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich and the Commonwealth.