Grand Piano Donation

As you know, the Sandwich Town Hall has an 1894  piano with a rich history associated with the Hall. It was the original instrument that was used to accompany the silent movies that were shown in the Hall during the 1920s, and even earlier. It is owned and maintained by the town and the Sandwich Town Hall Trust uses it during our Silent Film series which we produce every year. It is also a key component of the Town Hall Radio Musical Show as it adds to the flavor of those performances. While this piano if a wonderful piece of history, it is not designed to be a concert instrument.

We thank Mary Coleman for donating this wonderful piano! Here’s Mary performing for us in January, 2017. (Click for larger view)

The Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust is proud to announce that it has recently acquired a baby grand piano which will allow for the presentation of professional concerts. It was generously given by Mary Coleman a resident from Eastham who wanted it “to be used in the furtherance of good music on the Cape.” It is a beautiful 5′ 8″, 1990 Yamaha piano with a polished ebony finish which has been lovingly cared for and is in superb condition. The piano was originally purchased in Sandwich 27 years ago and its history has come full circle as it now in our Town Hall courtesy of Mary’s generosity. It is our plan to work with the Sandwich Arts Alliance and other groups to encourage musical productions using this grand piano.

The Trust has paid the cost to have it moved and absorbed additional costs to have it supported with a dolly on wheels so that it can be easily and safely moved across the 1834 Town Hall floor. A cover has also been purchased for its protection. The Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust has accepted the ownership and the Trust will pay for future piano maintenance and tunings. Sandwich officials have agreed to have it kept in the Hall.

We are excited about this and thank you, our members, for your support without which we would not be able to carry out our Mission Statement “…the perpetual protection and enhancement of the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich.”