Current Members:

Don & Suzanne Bayley
Barbara Buchenan
Joe Carlson
Kathy Coggeshall
Bill & Jerry Collins
Carolyn Crowell
John & Janet Czarnetzki
William & Patricia Daley
Denise Dever
Marilyn & Doug Dexter
Jane Ellis
Patrick & Jane(Cournoyer) Ellis
Kathy Ellis Knowles
Joseph & Melinda Gallant
Barbara Gates
Madlyn & Paul Giberti
Jean M. Gile
John & Therese Goodchild
Linell Grundman
Charlotte Hart
Charleen Johnson
June Kershaw
Bob King
Ally & Bryan Klinck
Jonathan Leonard
Diane Martin
Diane/Roger McCormick/ Cardinal
Kaethe McGuire
Woody & Patti Mitchell
Russell & Katherine Norton
Lisa Ottaviano
Frank & Lorraine Pannorfi
Elizabeth & James Radloff
Rebecca Scott
Sue Scheible
Jonathan & Eugenie Shaw
Carol Thwaits
Louise Toler
Virginia Veras
Susan & John Vibberts
Carolyn Weimar
Sheila & Bob Wentworth
Joanne Westerhouse
Laura Wing
Tobin Wirt

Special Projects:

We thank all our members without whom the following Special Projects wound not have been possible:

Christmas Tree 2011 $106.24
Door Plaque 2012 $104.13
Light for piano 2012 $65.86
Round top tables 2012 $500.00
Signage for Cultural District 2012 $100.00
Event floor sign for entryway (indoor) 2012 $375.05
Outdoor display sign 2013 $276.42
Clock 2013 $53.85
Adams Art Grant Match 2013 $350.00
Restriction Brass Panel 2014 $143.44
Repair/tune piano 2014 $515.00
Hall Divider 2014 $429.00
Adams Art Grant Match 2014 $350.00
Piano Restoration 2015 $3,519.84
Repair/tune piano 2015 $410.00
Black Stage Partitions 2016 $978.00
Plaque for historic piano 2016 $161.63
Grand Piano 2016 $1,488.25
Tune Piano 2016 $175.00
TOTAL $10,101.71

Membership in the Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust helps to support the stewardship of the historic 1834 Sandwich Town Hall and to perpetuate the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional, and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich.

Members will receive an annual report about the activities of  the Town Hall Preservation Trust and e-mails of up-coming public programs planned at the Town Hall.

  • Individual————————————————-$15.00
  • Family——————————————————$25.00
  • Patron—————————————————–$100.00
  • 1834 Club————————————————$250.00

To join send us the information below along with a check payable to:

Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust

Mail to: PO Box 185, Sandwich MA 02563

Your membership will begin on the first of the month following the date on your check.

Your Name ______________________________________________________________________

Street/Post Office Box _____________________________________________________________

Town or City/State/Zip Code ________________________________________________________

e-mail (for news of Town Hall programs):______________________________________________
Phone Number (______)___________________________________________________________

Permission given to list my name as a member: ☐ yes ☐ no

Printable Membership Form

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Sandwich Town Hall Preservation Trust is to support the continued stewardship of the historic Sandwich Town Hall, to assist the Town Manager and staff as a resource for volunteers, events, and programs, to provide, if feasible, funds for special purposes, and to make recommendations for the perpetual protection and enhancement of the Sandwich Town Hall as a major cultural, functional, and historic asset of the Town of Sandwich and the Commonwealth.